Kadi’s Reveal – Pt 1

Kadi and I met on floor five of Sandoz hall the week before our freshman year started, after we moved into our dorms, 10 doors down the hall from each other.  We were in the same ‘bump group’ going through sorority recruitment that week.  My roommate, Corbyn, and Kadi’s roommate, Olivia, all became very good friends very quickly and we’re still friends today.  It’s no wonder we all got along so well, Corbyn and Kadi both rushed Gamma Phi Beta, while Liv and I rushed Phi Mu! After a year of the first roommate arrangement, Corbyn and Kadi moved into the G Phi house and roomed together and Liv and I moved into an apartment together. During sophomore year, Kadi hired me to take photos at her big/little reveal and I loved how the photos came out. I’ve never really shot anything like this before and I, at this point, had no experience taking posed group photos. Luckily, it was both of our second years being in our sorority and it surprisingly does not take long to figure out where your spots are and what poses you do with which people. It sounds cliche but it’s really just true.

Enjoy my first attempt at big/little reveal photos!

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