These photos of Dena are from 2017-2018 when she was still in middle school and I was in my first year of college studying Journalism and at the time still a double major in Sports Media instead of Hospitality.

All together, this was a weekend’s worth of putting together outfits and hairstyles, picking locations and shooting. All the photos with buildings and structures in them were taken around Dena’s family’s property in a tiny town in Iowa, where my mom and her entire family are from. Dena’s currently in high school and we haven’t been able to do any portrait shoots like this one since she was in middle school but I can’t wait for the time to come when she needs senior portraits done. The trees, field, and road are all random areas that we simply pulled over and started shooting out, I wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to navigate back to these same spots but I’d be eager to use this method again the next time I’m in search of where to have a photoshoot at. I’ll probably have to go to Iowa or west into Nebraska since Omaha is mostly city-life, but I’m sure I can find just as interesting places doing this throughout backroads and maybe even on the main streets in Omaha and Lincoln.

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