La Quinceñera – Bri

Usually when people who don’t have quinceñeras or know much about them begin to imagine what they are, what they’re like, all the details that go into planning and everything.  A lot of times they imagine something like a mini wedding.  Instead of groomsmen, chambelanas, instead of bridesmaids, damas.  Both parties make up the court but not every quinceñera has both or even either one.  It really just depends on how big or small they want their party and their court to be.  Every quince is different from the next and the last because each quinceñera’s day is special, significant and unique to her.  I’m excited to have gotten to be a part of Bri’s special day and here’s some of my favorite pictures from the quince!  Feliz Cumpleaños prima.  (My apologies for the slight blur in the photos, I’m between switching devices and that sort of caused the photos to look a little messy but I hope you’re still able to enjoy them!)

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